About Me

I'm a photographer, living in Lincoln with my family.


It's an old one, and a cliche, I know, but my photographic journey started because of my Dad.


There were always plenty of photography books and magazines laying around the house and there was always a new camera to drool over.


I particularly remember the tiny Pentax Auto 110, and the Olympus OM-1. I took the Olympus with me on a trip to Brighton, and I was hooked.


I'm a self taught photographer with a lot of trial and error behind me. I had a group of friends in my teenage years who all had SLR cameras - very unusual then, and it really helped.


I love wandering around with my camera, photographing everyday life. I tend to mostly photograph urban landscapes, with and without people.


I lived in Africa for 5 years. Two years in a voluntary role in Swaziland, and three years working in a rainforest project with WWF in Cameroon.


I travelled a lot throughout Africa and just fell in love with the place, in particular the wildlife and wildnerness. Almost every day I dream of being back there.












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